8 rule for pregnancy dating sites

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(Don't worry: This occurs only 1 percent of the time.) And your doctor will also be able to tell if you're pregnant with multiples.

Other tests All pregnant women are offered a nuchal translucency (NT) test, performed between 11 and 13 weeks, and this involves another ultrasound.

High-tech centers may use this type of ultrasound to better evaluate a baby's growth and development, as well as detect facial abnormalities or neural tube defects.

At this stage, your ultrasound will likely be done on your abdomen.

While you're reclining on an exam table, the doctor or ultrasound technician will slather gel on your belly, and then glide a plastic transducer over it.

The middle of your pregnancy is thrilling for many reasons: You're halfway there!

You really look pregnant (and not just like you've been noshing on too many bagels).

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An ultrasound is considered safe for both you and your baby when it's used for medical purposes.

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  1. Men will also contact you so I recommend a at least 3 nice pictures or snap shots. Also, chestbearing and shirtless men tend to concentrate on the superficial and outward appearance so I suggest passing those on by but that is a personal choice.