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Kiser’s behalf in order to aid in his escape or apprehension you are guilty of Obstructing Justice 2921.32.” UPDATE @ p.m.(June 28)Huber Heights police believe Kiser may be in the company of his girlfriend, Paige Taylor.Lightner said the officer said Kiser was holding a gun while fleeing. EARLIER REPORTPolice are looking for a wanted felon who may have been wounded by police gunfire as he sped away from an attempt by police to question him.

The department posted to its Facebook page this morning a note to anybody harboring or helping Joshua Kiser:“We are aware that Mr.Gibson had not been given Miranda warnings when he was placed in a Trotwood cruiser.RELATED: Man accused at shooting at Trotwood officers withdraws insanity plea That’s when Gibson allegedly said, “‘I probably shouldn’t have shot my wife, should I?When the officers attempted to speak with Kiser — who was outside the Jeep at this point — he jumped into the Nissan and drove toward one of the officers, Dulaney said.That officer, whose name has not been released, fired at the vehicle as it traveled toward him.

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RELATED: Trotwood active shooter standoff ends peacefully after 2½ hours On cross examination, Morrissette told public defender Michael Pentecost that Gibson also said, “I just want to go see a judge tomorrow and plead guilty.

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