Are cheska and richard dating

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Are cheska and richard dating

Bringing a climax to the show's best ever love triangle, Francis realised he had to pursue his feelings for Sophia so dumped his distraction Ashley, surprised Sophia with an amazing "I'm-on-the-phone-but-really-behind-you" entrance, and further proved his hero status by spilling to Millie and Rosie about Spencer's infidelities - leading to the Millie slap that was heard around the world (and did really incredible things to Spencer's hair).Honourable mentions Right, so basically, we could watch this gif all day.The morning after Ollie criticised Binky and Cheska for engineering such a public damning of Kimberley, but they had a cute puppy to play with so didn’t much care.

They appear very much in love."Marx and Fuentes had been together for about a year before making it official.

It's never nice to take pleasure in a break-up, but there's no doubt that Louise and Spencer's was something to behold.

It started off reasonably enough, but before long had deteriorated into a riverside shouting match which saw Spencer announcing that he hoped Louise would go home and cry afterwards and mocking her over-use of the telephone saying: "It's hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you", and Louise both hitting him and calling him "the biggest sociopath" she has ever met.

Saying "I Do" once wasn't enough for Daisy Fuentes and Richard Marx, as the couple has tied the knot all over again!

The dynamic duo originally got married in Aspen on Dec.

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Louise and Spencer went on their first engagement as Made In Chelsea’s royal couple this week, seeming very loved up but regretful over how things were left with Jamie, the young man who’s heart they trampled all over in their Prada shoes last week.

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