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Puzzle would pretend to be Aslan and Shift would tell him what to say.

Three weeks later the King of Narnia, Tirian, is sitting outside of his hunting lodge to escape the formality of Cair Paravel.

Puzzle has been convinced that he is not a clever donkey and that Shift should make all decisions in every matter of life.

As the two sit, a strange object rolls over the falls falling into Caldron Pool.

Shift sends Puzzle to town for food and commences working on the skin. Shift hides his work from prying eyes (birds overhead) and presents his work to Puzzle when the donkey returns.

He requests an audience with Aslan but was taken before the ape.

The ape, Shift, is completely adorned with all sorts of riches and clothing that server to give him a fairly ridiculous air.

Jill Pole and Eustace Scrubb return to Narnia to help save it from treacherous invaders and a False Aslan.

The story of The Last Battle begins with a donkey, Puzzle, and an old ape, Shift, sitting on the banks of Caldron Pool on the Western Edge of Narnia beyond Lantern Waste.

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Using guilt tactics, Shift manipulates Puzzle into jumping into the pool and retrieving the item.