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Despite this, the system wants to be everything other than a status symbol; instead, it invites people to play with forms and colors on a high level.In its tenth year, the once very youthful jewelry system is now grown up.The basic ring made of silver, gold, stainless steel or blackened and hardened stainless steel has space for various jewelry elements that are held by a spring bridge, as we find in wristwatches to attach the strap.Charlotte 21 is a ring system consisting of cool and clear stainless steel or blackened and hardened stainless steel.

Auch Männer suchen den dekorativen Begleiter für alle Anlässe.So wurde zum Jahreswechsel ein neuer Flagship-Store in Frankfurt eröffnet, für den ebenfalls Küchler die Leitlinien vorgegeben hat.Dazu gehört neben dem auch hier auf hell umgestellten Ambiente eine bepflanzte, „grüne“ Wand im Laden.It presently has 210 sales points around the world (including roughly 40 Charlotte Studios alone), in which collectors can purchase the ring bands and the jewelry elements they then use to make the variable jewelry suit their own personal tastes.These rings, which can be transformed as easy as pie and which were the first i nthe Charlotte series, are now complemented by earrings and necklaces.

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Once the creative combination is complete, a small spring-type star holds everything in place.