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According to Sega, this system was employed to make the game more accessible to casual players, while also making it more challenging for experienced players, thus potentially increasing its replay value.

In addition, completing all five levels unlocks alternate gameplay modes, color schemes and secret areas.

Rez is notable for replacing the typical sound effects found in most rail shooters with electronic music.

The player creates sounds and melodies as they target and destroy foes in the game, leading to a form of synesthesia.

The game is over if the avatar is hit while at its lowest possible level.

At higher evolution levels, the avatar appears as a humanoid figure, while it appears as a pulsating sphere at the lowest level.

The player then goes on to the network's core to restart Eden in a final boss battle.

The final area contains a larger number of sections and a boss rush, in which the player must fight variations of the bosses from the first four areas.

The game has since seen two remasters: Rez HD, released to the Xbox Live Arcade in 2008, and Rez Infinite, developed for Play Station VR and released to the Play Station Network in October 2016 and Microsoft Windows in August 2017.

Inspired by the work of Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky, the game was developed under the working title K-Project, and was conceptualized and produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

The game is set in futuristic computer "supernetwork" called Project-K where much of the data flow is controlled by an AI named Eden.

Eden has become overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge gathered on the network after a virus infects her, causing her to doubt her existence and enter a shutdown sequence, which would create catastrophic problems everywhere should she be able to complete this.

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Rez is a musical rail shooter developed by United Game Artists and published by Sega for the Dreamcast and Play Station 2.

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