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Intimidating a witness charge

Regard must be had to the factors outlined in General Charging Practice, above in this guidance and in Charging Practice for Public Justice Offences, above in this guidance, which help to identify the seriousness of the conduct.

The charging standard below, gives guidance concerning the charge which should be preferred if the criteria set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors are met.

For guidance on charging in cases involving rape and/or domestic violence allegations see Perverting the course of Justice - charing in cases involving rape and or domestic violence allegations, elsewhere in the Legal Guidance.

The offence of Perverting the Course of Justice is committed when an accused: The offence is contrary to common law and triable only on indictment.

Usually in such cases the facts of the basic offence (often motoring) are not in dispute.

In the absence of any other aggravating features, it is unlikely that it will be appropriate to charge perverting the course of justice in the following circumstances: In these circumstances, the alternative offences of wasting police time and obstructing the police should be considered, but may not be necessary in the public interest depending upon the nature of the misrepresentation and the circumstances of the offence.

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If a wrongful conviction is believed to have occurred because of the perjured evidence, a prosecution should follow, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

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