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Intimidating staff

The law will also require retail employers to provide employees with written schedules no later than 72 hours before the first shift on the work schedule and to conspicuously post the schedule at least 72 hours before the beginning of the scheduled hours of work.They will be required to update the schedule and directly notify affected employees after making changes to the work schedule, and also transmit the work schedule by electronic means, if such means are regularly used to communicate scheduling information.

Fast food employers will also be required, upon request, to provide the requesting employee’s schedule within the last three years and to provide a requesting employee with the most current version of the work schedule for all fast food employees who work at the same fast food establishment.Upon request, a retail employer will also have to provide an employee with (i) his or her work schedule, in writing, for any week the employee worked within the prior three years, and (ii) the most current version of the work schedule for all retail employees at that work location, whether or not changes to the work schedule have been posted.Payroll Deductions for Voluntary Contributions to Not-For-Profit Organizations As a final measure, the Fair Workplace legislative package also includes a requirement that fast food employers, upon employee request, to set up payroll deductions for voluntary contributions to certain authorized not-for-profit organizations, and remit them , unions – as that term is defined by federal and state law.Then, before fast food employees’ first day of work, employers will also have to provide employees a written work schedule that identifies their regular and on-call shifts.The schedule must span a period of at least seven days.

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Employers must remit the contributions within 15 days after the payroll deduction.

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