No more dating im just waiting lyrics

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So I’ll just have to hold onto it and keep on keeping the faith that one day this person, who is most likely reading this right now, will realize that I AM FUCKING AWESOME, and he should just be with me already because life is really fucking short and why not help each other through it and have some joy within our pain.

I had to pull over to talk to him because I was sobbing and felt like I was having a panic-attack.The idea of someone else talking to me, touching me, or being anywhere near me, made me want to vomit.That’s just the way it was, and I didn’t spend much time thinking about it.It really is like shopping at a flea market or yard sale, and I always hated yard sales. All I wanted was to go out now and then on a Saturday night, and have a date and be treated nicely and have that feeling of slight euphoria when you come home, at the thought of something new. It doesn’t have to mean anything or go anywhere, except just two people who are hanging out together, because they are tired of sitting home alone with their cat.

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For the first 3.5 years after my beautiful husband died, the very idea of dating or “someone else”, literally made me sick to my stomach.

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