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Orange county dating ideas

The letters also include references to new technologies, such as automobiles and phonographs.Lists of New York State women who were discharged or deceased at the close of World War I.

In one letter, she refers to the influenza outbreak.

She expresses her wish to set up housekeeping as soon as their new home is vacated, and requests news of her old home.

The letter includes prices for common household items.

The Albany Female Seminary was organized by an association of shareholders in 1828, and operated until 1867. She also describes the work of the Tribune Sunshine Society, of which she is president, organized to distribute books, magazines, flowers and other items to the homebound.

Includes the papers of Cornelia Niles Allen, wife of the Baptist minister William W. Featured are five issues of The Garland, a handwritten literary magazine from Rensselaerville, Albany County, New York, of which Allen was "co-editress".

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Minute books, student records, and property records of the seminary. In this letter, Alden thanks Ives for submitting a poem, which she will publish in the Sunshine column of the newspaper's women's page.