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It is equipped with what is currently the safest, most powerful, environmentally compatible and economical drive system for electric vehicles that could be built in series production....more Research needs unexpectedly bring the long sought-after breakthrough with the QUANTi NO.However, the nano Flowcell low-voltage drive system enables a high-performance powertrain to operate at low voltages and shows that electric vehicles can be powerful, cost-efficient and safe at the same time.... Technological concepts are inadequate and political solutions insufficiently stringent.

It is here that nano Flowcell Holdings will present the QUANT 48VOLT to the public for the first time....more A true eye-catcher in the shape of the world’s fastest eco sports car: QUANT 48VOLT is made to rethink the prevailing one-way approach to E-mobility.QUANT 48VOLT is the prototype of a new generation of low-voltage electric vehicles.The drive system in electric vehicles can now be designed to be even lighter and more cost-effective....more E-mobility critics are questioning the environmental compatibility and sustainability of alternative energy vehicles.

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