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Have you always longed for a small library in your home, but don’t have the room? The third most talked about room in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give, is the dining room.Consider doing something like this in the corner of a large room. During The Skirted Roundtable interview, Beth Rubino explains the source of the inspiration for the design of this room.I Googled and found these five below at Cottage and Bungalow. A collage isn’t the ideal way to share these; they looked a lot better online at Cottage and Bungalow. (I’m not affiliated with Cottage and Bungalow…just sharing the good stuff when I find it.) Another one of the “stars” of this room is the beautiful Swedish, Mora clock. It’s nighttime now and Erica and Harry have called a truce.In this scene in the family room, they are meeting halfway in route to the kitchen for a late night snack. A little reading area is tucked into the corner of the family room…this. We get a little glimpse into the small sitting area off of the kitchen in this view.Here’s a rarely seen view I snagged while watching the movie.I sure wish we had gotten to see more of that porch in the movie…but alas, it is just a set.But, I might as well break the news to you early on…in case you don’t know.

We get our first look at the home when Harry Sanborn, played by Jack Nicholson, and Marin Barry, played by Amanda Peet, first pull up to the house with plans of a romantic weekend.

In The Skirted Roundtable interview, Beth Rubino says, “The house was the 4th main character in that film.” She is so right.

The phones of designers were ringing off the hook for months and months after the release of .

Marin thinks her mom and successful playwright, Erica Barry, played by Diane Keaton, is away for a few days. Erica walks in shortly after the pair arrive and the fun begins.

This beautiful home is actually located in Southampton, NY.

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