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Web wise kids sexting

Almost half of teenagers in their final year at school say they have participated in sexting – an activity that increases progressively through each year of second-level education.

Sexting is defined as the sharing of sexual text, video, and photographic content (nudes) using phones, apps, social networks and other technologies.

Adolescence is a crucial time for the definition of gender identity and sexual orientation, she points out.

“Adolescents explore sexuality, are eager to meet peers and partners and to establish romantic relationships.

They are perfectly in line with what happens on a biological, psychological, and social level at that age.Texting and sharing videos and photos respond to the need to explore and experiment with sexuality.” There would be concern if nine-and 10-year-olds were exhibiting this kind of behaviour, she says, but it is quite normal in teens.Everri, whose background is in social and developmental psychology, joined Zeeko last September.A native of Parma in northern Italy, she had spent the previous two years as Marie Curie Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, leading a European research project on the role of digital media in adolescent development and family communication.Sitting in the elegant surroundings of Merville House, a former Georgian country villa that is now a hub of innovation on the UCD campus, Everri explains that she adopts a “child-centred perspective” in her work.

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“We are...committed to making sure that people of all ages – and especially children – can enjoy the Internet safely.” The Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Following on from the Government’s pledge to make the UK the safest place to be a child online reaffirmed in the Digital Strategy released in March, this timely and informative forum will provide delegates with an opportunity to meet with leading stakeholders across the sector to discuss ways to create a supportive and safe digital environment allowing children to enjoy the benefits of the internet whilst minimising the risks.

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